Cornwall Youth Brass Band

Band Brest an Yowynkneth Kernow

CYBB - The Cornish Charity That Helps Young Brass Band Musicians Take Their Playing to New Heights

Band members benefit every year from two four-day residential courses. These are directed by leading conductors from the brass band world, and outstanding levels of performance are achieved in the Gala Concerts that provide the climax to every course.



Please help us to help produce the musicians of tomorrow.
We now have to raise over 20,000 a year to fund this work. 100% of every 1 you donate will help our young musicians.

All our Trustees and local tutors give their time without charge.

The Band - Easter 1977


C Alder (St Newlyn East)
N Bassett (Helston)
D Bruce (St Newlyn East)
G Champion (St Stythians)
R Coleman (St Agnes)
K Goninan (Camborne)
S Davey (Indian Queens)
P Faraway (Bodmin)
M Gay (Carharrack & St Day)
S Hawkey (St Austell)
I Hooper (Redruth)
Sian Howitt (St Ives)
L Humphreys (St Ives)
E Merrifield (Mt Charles)
S Murphy (Indian Queens)
N Parsons (Indian Queens)

A Penrose (Pendeen)
A Pope (Redruth)
Diane Pope (Redruth)
Jackie Powell (Lostwithiel Youth)
A Remick (Indian Queens)
Deborah Retallick (St Dennis)
Dawn Searle (Lostwithiel Youth)
Wendy Searle (Lostwithiel Youth)
P Stephens (Indian Queens)
Najat Tammo (Carharrack & St Day)
D Tonkin (Camborne)
Claire Trethewey (St Dennis)
T Whitehead (Lostwithiel Youth)
Jane Whitehead (Lostwithiel Youth)
J Willcock (St Dennis)
S Williams (St Ives)


M Cowling (Indian Queens)
S Mather (St Ives)

S Waters (Carharrack & St Day)
A Wilson (St Dennis)

Flugel Horns

J Camps (St Dennis)
I Hughes (St Ives)
Karen Owens (Lostwithiel Youth)

S Marshall (Pendeen)
C Verran (Camborne)

Tenor Horns

K Ackford (Bodmin)
Tracy Austin (St Ives)
K Caddy (Camborne)
Darlene Cock (Redruth)
A Dennis (St Breward)
M Halls (Penzance)
Joanne Hughes (St Ives)
J Goldsworthy (Carharrack & St Day)

D James (Redruth)
C Moore (St Stephen)
E Murrish (St Ives)
Kathryn Sweet (Lostwithiel Youth)
D Tregaskis (Camborne)
Jeanne Willcock (St Dennis)
A Whitehead (Lostwithiel Youth)
S Williams (St Ives)


Annette Hoare (Lostwithiel Youth)
J Gay (St Austell)
K Parsons (Pendeen)

R Phillips (St Agnes)
R Scotcher (Camborne)
R Trebilcock (Camborne)


S Butt (St Ives)
M Date (St Ives)
Karen Davey (St Dennis)
G Dower (Carharrack & St Day)

T Joslin (Illogan)
P Marshall (Pendeen)
C Nicholas (Lostwithiel Youth)
Susan Rowe (Redruth)


J Bunt (St Agnes)
M Dowrick (St Dennis)
Linda Gay (St Agnes)
J Gribben (Camborne)
D Howitt (St Ives)
R Phillips (St Ives)

Trudy Searle (Lostwithiel Youth)
C Stevens (St Ives)
A Teague (St Dennis)
R Tregaskes (Mount Charles)
A Waters (Newquay)


P Chaney (St Ives)
D Coad (St Agnes)
M Craddock (St Dennis)
M Crews (St Dennis)

M Cubeddo (St Ives)
K Harris (Truro School)
Helen Whiting (Lostwithiel Youth)


T Dyer (St Dennis)

C Verran (Camborne)